Diamond Nails, Kiosk 04(Close to Target) Castle Plaza Shopping Centre., 992 South Road, Edwardstown

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+61 414 535 288

Kiosk 04(Close to Target) Castle Plaza Shopping Centre., 992 South Road, Edwardstown, South Australia 5039

Establishment   Beauty salon   Hair care  

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  • Elise
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I made the mistake of deciding to choose this ‘salon’ for my recent shellac manicure & pedicure. I can honestly say it was the most disappointing nail spa experience I’ve had. My ‘mani’ consisted of a shellac removal, buff & shellac application. This would have been considered at any other salon a ‘colour change’ (which I presumed it was when the nail ‘technician’ was finished due to what I presumed was a possible time constraint) My concerns continued when the technician began my ‘spa pedicure’ which consisted of the same treatment. I asked if she was going to push back and/or remove cuticles to be told that “the drill does the same thing” (which is used just to remove the old shellac) I also asked why there was no heel treatment, scrub or at the least lotion applied which was ignored. As the technician was about to apply the new shellac to my toes, I had to stop her as there was visible hard skin & drill dust over my big toe but was told that she was planning to “just paint over it”. To add to the experience I was charged $40 for the shellac change or ‘manicure’ (note that at the absolute maximum on their price list for a shellac manicure with removal would have come to $35 MAX) and my ‘spa pedicure’ at $43. I walked away shocked at the terrible work as well as obscene price of $83 for it. It’s clear why the legitimate nail salon down the road in the same castle plaza centre is consistently busy & this ‘business’ has 4 workers just standing around all day. I won’t be making that mistake again as it’s clear diamond nails kiosk castle plaza is looking to maximise a quick cash grab, with no desire for repeat customers. Terrible. 
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Diamond Nails is based in Edwardstown. Full address is Kiosk 04(Close to Target) Castle Plaza Shopping Centre., 992 South Road. Australia postal code is 5039. We invite you to visit the official website of Diamond Nails . There you can find last news, actual informations about working hours, additional contact details. Also you can call the contact number +61 414 535 288 to ask your questions. In today's world the easiest way to get information from social media profiles. Please check facebook, google+, twitter social profiles of Diamond Nails.
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